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See now all our proposals for tours in Cosenza, Tropea and Reggio with departure from Cosenza, Tropea and Reggio

City tours

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The tours you will find are organized by places that I consider a MUST SEE to discover the spectacular beauties of Calabria. These tours will be your chance to discover a territory through a complete experience, that is, not only through the beauties of the places to be visited (main monuments and landscapes splendors), but also through the local culture and gastronomy; This is why each tour provides a lunch in a typical restaurant or in an agriturismo(ranch) made with typical local products (places will be suggested).

Besides, the great innovation will be the proposal of experiences of responsible tourism, where you can live a day with a Calabrian family, learning how to make an actual typical lunch and discovering the local culture. You cannot miss the true Calabrian culture through its traditions and flavors that in other places are just a memory.

Here are some places you can see with me…

Tour em Cosenza de meio dia. A partir de euro 13,00 por pessoa
Art Cities like Cosenza


Le Castella from Calabria-Italy
Unforgettable castles such as Le Castella, the Castle “inside” the sea ..


Santa Severina. Fotografo Roberto Arcuri 1280 x 720
Some of the most beautiful villages in Italy and Calabria such as Santa Severina


Gruta de Romito. Papasidero. Fonte Flick 1280 x 720
Grotto of Romito (one of the oldest and important archaeological locations in Europe) in Papasidero


Santuario Madonna di Costantinopoli em Papasidero.
Religious and wonderful sightseeing places like the Madonna di Costantinopoli Sanctuary.


Tropea, a pérola da costa dos deuses
Tropea, the pearl of the coast of the gods


Pizzo, a cidade do "gelato"
Pizzo, the town of “gelato”


Italy, Calabria, Morano Calabro
Morano Calabro, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy
Civita. Fonte Flick3 1280 x 720
Civita, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy
Cerchiara. Giuseppe Sangineto Flick 1280 x 720
The charm of the village of Cerchiara ..
Altomonte, um dos vilarejos mais lindos da Itália
Altomonte, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy
Bova, um dos vilarejos mais lindos da Itália
Bova, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy
O maravilhoso castelo de Corigliano
The wonderful castle of Corigliano
Le Castela com o seu famoso castelo dentro do mar..
Le Castela with its famous castle inside the sea…
Gerace, um dos vilarejos mais belos da Itália
Gerace, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy
Scilla, a Veneza do Sul
Scilla, the South Venice.

and so many other suggestions!

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