20 Unmissable Places To Discover In Calabria!

We have prepared an incredible list of the 20 most beautiful places in Calabria for you to include in your Travel Itinerary!

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20 Unmissable Places To Discover In Calabria!

If you’re considering visiting Calabria but aren’t sure which places to explore, look no further! Calabria has many little-known treasures that you will love to discover in any season. Come and see the 20 unmissable places in this land full of charms! Stay with us and make the best of the boot country! Here at Traveling to Calabria you make the trip of your dreams!!! Are you staying in Calabria? LOOKING FOR A HOTEL IN CALABRIA? Check our suggestions! Click here!

Our Introduction

Calabria is definitely the combination of several villages full of stories, cultures and traditions, combined with unique tourist attractions that tell a piece of what this region is all about.

A little more about Calabria

Calabria has a welcoming climate, splendid colors of the sea, rocky coasts alternating with sandy coastlines, its wild and mysterious nature, the intense and genuine flavors of the local cuisine and the evidence of its ancient origins make Calabria a unique place. How about doing an experience tour? Come and discover Maida and experience authentic tourism in Calabria!

Calabria is full of charms:

Its welcoming climate, the breathtaking view of the sea in different shades, its coastline interspersed between rocks and sand, the wild and mystical nature, in addition to the genuine flavors of the local cuisine, make this region unique.

We have selected 20 incredible places that should be included in your itinerary and, although this selection is not unanimous, we believe that it can give you some ideas so that you can discover this paradise on your own. Read also: What are the 10 must-see agrotourisms in Calabria?


Did you know that in 2017 the “New York Times” chose Calabria as one of the 52 must-visit places in the world? And that was the only Italian region chosen by them?

1) Unmissable places in Calabria: TROPEA AND PIZZO!

Tropea is the incredible gem of Calabria! Its lush scenery is an indelible memory for those who pass by. This region prides itself on unique natural beauties and Tropea certainly represents them. If you are traveling there, it is also worth visiting Pizzo and trying the famous Pizzo tartufo and the wonderful gelato.

Learn more about Tropea

Tropea not only mesmerizes with the beauty of its sea, but also fascinates with its Historic Center full of palaces and buildings from the 1700s that enchant visitors and trap them in its alleys and narrow roads. In the surroundings, there is a beautiful tourist port surrounded by docks and boats. The closest tourist port to the historic center of Tropea is a charming spot surrounded by piers and boats. The Benedictine Sanctuary, which tells a lot about the city, is also a mandatory stop for anyone visiting.

Those who don’t know the city yet have a lot to discover: narrow streets, alleys and wonderful views. After visiting the Cathedral, sanctuaries and noble palaces, it is worth exploring the beaches of Tropea. And, to end the day, you can’t miss the opportunity to taste the city’s famous sweet onion – a truly delicious delicacy! Learn all about Tropea here!


The village of Tropea was voted the most beautiful in Italy in 2021!

Watch this video and visit Tropea with me!

Are you in Tropea? Enjoy and visit Pizzo!

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Pizzo during your stay in Tropea – it’s a true paradise! If you have some extra time, take the opportunity to visit the legendary Promontory of Capo Vaticano and its beaches considered among the 100 most beautiful in the world. And of course, don’t leave without trying Pizzo’s tartuffo, the region’s iconic ice cream! Learn all about Pizzo here!

Watch this video about Pizzo and be enchanted!

2) Unmissable places in Calabria: SCILLA, THE VENICE OF THE SOUTH!

Scilla is known as the Southern Version of Venice. A legendary place that still harbors the echo of the mythical monster that attacked Ulysses’ ship. Behind this magic there is a stunning setting, which includes rocks overlooking the sea, the sound of waves crashing against them and the splendid villages of Scilla and Chianalea, which make Scilla cited as one of the most beautiful villages in all of Italy! The town is also called the Venice of the South, due to its spectacular houses built directly into the rocks and separated by small streets that resemble the canals of Venice. Learn all about Scilla here!

A little more about Scilla

Scilla is also known as the Venice of the South, because of its spectacular stone buildings, surrounded by narrow lanes and touched by the sea, reminiscent of the canals of Venice. It is a maritime village where the ocean kisses the roofs of old mansions. Small alleys descend to the sea and separate one house from the other. To visit it is to lose yourself in the magic of the fragrances and flavors of the kitchens of the restaurants that offer the experience of traditional cuisine, which will leave a lasting impression. Read also: When is the Best Time to Travel to Calabria?

Travel to Scilla with me and be enchanted!

3) Unmissable places in Calabria: COSENZA!

Located in beautiful Calabria, Cosenza had its beginnings in the period when the Bretti decided to establish their capital at the foot of the Silano Plateau. The name Athens of Calabria was given to it because of its privileged position among the cities of the region. It is good to know that it can be visited at any time of the year, as it has a typically Mediterranean climate. Learn more about Cosenza here!

Cosenza is embraced by hills and bathed by the Busento River, which divides the city into its modern and ancient parts. The Mediterranean climate and the cultural, artistic and historical riches make this city the ideal destination at any time of the year. In addition to the historical heritage, there is also the guarantee of a gastronomic feast that delights all visitors and the possibility of getting to know firsthand all the hospitality, culture and landscapes that will not let you forget Cosenza!

Come hang out with me in Cosenza!

4) Unmissable places in Calabria: POLLINO NATIONAL PARK!

The Pollino National Park is of undeniable beauty, ornamented by contours of loricato pines, a tree of incredible charm, almost like a treasure of nature. It is located between Calabria and Basilicata, being one of the largest European parks and one of the last wild areas on the continent. We recommend a tour of these Calabrian attractions: the Lao river valley, the Raganello gorges, the Argentino river valley and the Rubbio. It will be an unforgettable trip! Learn all about Pollino National Park here!

The Pollino National Park is made up of around 56 municipalities. The main ones that are definitely worth a visit are Aieta, Castrovillari, Cerchiara di Calabria, Civita, Frascineto, Morano Calabro, Mormanno, Papasidero, Praia a Mare, etc. Read also: How about visiting the most beautiful villages in Calabria?

Visit the Raganello Canyon

If you go to the Pollino National Park, under no circumstances miss the Raganello Canyon! A place as magnificent as the canyons of the United States, the Pollino Massif offers the opportunity to practice various water sports, such as rafting on the Lao River and canoeing in the Raganello Canyon. If you are venturing into the region in the summer months or mid-season, enjoy the unique experience of these sports! 

Watch this video with beautiful images of Pollino National Park!

5) Unmissable places in Calabria: PENTEDATILLO!

Pentadattilo, also known as Ghost Village, located in the fraction of Melito Porto Salvo, in the province of Reggio Calabria, dates back to 600 BC. with its strategically privileged geographical position. Its peculiar shape, nestled in the rock like a Cyclops hand with five fingers, gave the name Pentadattilo to this charming place. However, the population has moved, making the village a landscape blessed with an aura of mystery and charm. Learn all about Pentedatillo here!

Watch this video with beautiful images of Pentedatillo!

6) Unmissable places in Calabria: RIVIERA DEI CEDRI!

Located in Calabria, the Costa Tirrenica Riviera dei Cedri stands out for its exuberant citrus production, admired all over the world. Its 80 kilometers offer stunning views of beaches and cliffs, in addition to several walks and small towns carved into the rock, where it is still possible to witness customs and religious traditions preserved over the centuries. Learn all about Riviera dei Cedri here!

Like the Pollino National Park, the Riviera dei Cedri is made up of several small towns. Among them, be sure to visit:

  • Aieta, home to important historical and religious facts such as the Chapel of San Nicola and the Church of Santa Maria della Visitazione;
  • Praia a Mare, home to the Island of Dino and responsible for one of the most splendid seas in Calabria;
  • Paola, with San Francisco, patron saint of Calabria;
  • Scalea, known for its splendid churches and stunning sea.

Watch this video about Riviera dei Cedri and be impressed!

7) Unmissable places in Calabria: SANTA SEVERINA!

Santa Severina is one of the most stunning villages in Italy. Although few know of its existence, this Calabrian town located in the province of Crotone is known as “the ship of stone”, due to its imposing fortress, baptistery and cathedral, which testify to the importance of the Byzantine presence in Calabria. Learn all about Santa Severina here!

A little more about Santa Severina

Santa Severina, located in the center of a large valley, appears on a cliff, as if it were a large stone ship. With its historic character and particular beauty, it is one of the most beautiful medieval villages in Italy. A stop for a refreshing coffee and a brioche with ice cream will make the visit even more surprising.


In 2015, Santa Severina ranked third in the ranking of the most beautiful villages in the whole country, according to the Kilimangiaro tourism program.

Watch this video with unique images of Santa Severina!

8) Unmissable places in Calabria: GAMBARIE!

When you think of Calabria, the immediate image that comes to mind is the sea. However, it offers great destinations to enjoy the winter, and with it the snow. In fact, some alpine locations are very suitable, such as the wonderful Gambarie, if you want to enjoy the winter in luxury. Learn more about the wonderful Gambarie here!

Where to Ski in Calabria?

Calabria is famous for its ski and snow scene, offering three beautiful locations: the Pollino, the Sila and the Aspromonte. Gambarie, the most important mountain town in the province, stands out with its century-old beech forests, crystal clear streams and silent mountains.

Through the modern cable cars, which take tourists and skiers to the peaks of Monte Scirocco and Monte Nardello, the spectacle is even more magnificent. And, to complete the experience, it’s worth trying some of the delicious typical local dishes! Read our special post on my other blog: Where to ski in Italy?

Watch this beautiful video with images of Gambarie!

9) Unmissable places in Calabria: STILO!

An obligatory stop at Católica, in Stilo, is essential for any visitor to the province of Reggio Calabria. This small square-planned Byzantine church located at the foot of Monte Consollino is visited every year by thousands of Italian and foreign tourists, making it an important Calabrian treasure. Stilo is one of the most magnificent and interesting destinations in Calabria, being recognized as one of the most beautiful villages in all of Italy. Learn all about Stillo here!

Watch this video by Stilo and marvel at its beauty!

10) Unmissable places in Calabria: REGGIO CALABRIA!

Reggio Calabria, wonderful and admirable both in terms of history, architecture and natural scenery, is known throughout Italy for its stunning coastline, the emblematic Corso Garibaldi with its fashion stores, bars and restaurants, in addition to the beautiful view that the scenery offers visitors, making the experience unique. Reggio Calabria is also known as the home of the famous Riace Bronzes, preserved in the Archaeological Museum of the Calabrian region. Learn all about Reggio Calabria here!

Learn more about Reggio Calabria

In the charming Stretto di Messina, it embraces its splendid place, flanked by beautiful specific plants and palaces and villas in varied tones. This is the most enchanting kilometer in Italy that the writer and poet Gabriele D’Annunzio was delighted to define as “the most beautiful kilometer in Italy”. A perfect union of artistic and natural beauty in such a unique way that it left artists stunned.

Take a tour with me in Reggio Calabria!

11) Unmissable places in Calabria: Caccuri!

If you’re not already planning a trip to Caccuri, in Calabria, get ready to change your mind! Recognized as one of the most charming cities in all of Italy, Caccuri is also considered a cultural center of the region. Once you visit the city, you will have the opportunity to discover the unique beauty and charm of Calabria, as well as acquire an unforgettable experience beyond words.

A little more about Cacuri

The Palatine Chapel, located inside the castle, still maintains its 17th-century appearance, the result of the renovation carried out by the Cavalcanti family, and with works of art from the Neapolitan school. Learn all about Caccuri here!

The Church of Santa Maria del Soccorso, located on the outskirts of Caccuri, was part of the former Dominican convent. The feudal lords financed a noble chapel inside the building. This church has a single nave, has a coffered ceiling and has several altars and statues.

Watch this video with images of Caccuri! Unmissable!

12) Unmissable places in Calabria: Morano Calabro!

Morano Calabro, perched on the hill, offers a delicate blend of art and natural beauty. The nearby houses are hugging each other and the grandiose Pollino hill, with its 2,248 meters, accompanies the scenery. Learn all about Morano Calabro here!

The beauty of Morano is the unique union of art and nature, with its arches, towers, buttresses, its homes of intrinsic aesthetics mixed with the majesty of the surrounding mountains. This harmonious union creates a truly exceptional and breathtaking setting.

Tour in Morano Calabro, unmissable!


13) Unmissable places in Calabria: Rocca Imperiale!

Rocca Imperiale is known as the gateway to Calabria next to the Ionian Sea. Beneath its splendid castle, the village rose with its buildings in pairs. If you want to explore the Swabian Castle, built in 1225 by Frederick II of Swabia and later expanded with towers and walls by the Aragonese in 1487 and later by the Dukes of Crivelli, with the addition of the 18th century Palace, this is the perfect time. Learn all about Rocca Imperiale here!

A little more about Rocca Imperiale

From the foot of the castle, the journey of Religious Tourism also begins, with the churches of San Giovanni Battista built in the 1400s and S. Rosário built in the 1600s. Continuing on, you arrive at the Mother Church built in 1239 by order of Frederick II. Afterwards, you can add to your itinerary the church of Carmine from 1600 and the church of Sant’Antonio da Padova from the 1500s. Finally, the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Nova: located in the Cesine district, honors the patron saint of Rocca Imperiale.

Be enchanted by the images of the Rocca Imperiale!

14) Unmissable places in Calabria: Fiumefreddo!

Fiumefreddo is arguably one of the most stunning cities in Italy. In addition, its charm increases even more with the aroma that spreads from the windows of the houses, located on their ground floors, where traditional healthy dishes from Calabria and the Mediterranean are prepared. These incredibly characteristic aromas bring back memories of moments that would be impossible to re-experience without having the opportunity to visit these lovely villages. Learn all about Fiumefreddo here!

A little more about Fiumefreddo

Fiumefreddo Bruzio is one of these fabulous Calabrian treasures that deserves to be discovered. A walk through its narrow streets will allow you to enjoy a landscape that will make you think that time has stopped here. That sense of calm and the delicious delicacies served in the region only add to this haven of tranquility.

Did you know?

In 2017, in a contest promoted by the famous tourist program Kilimangiaro, Fiumefreddo ranked 7th among the most beautiful villages in all of Italy.

Press play and I’ll take you around Fiumefreddo!

15) Unmissable places in Calabria: Civita!

In the heart of the Pollino National Park, we find Civita, the village between the rocks. Surrounded by mountains throughout its valley, it is an incomparable natural landscape. Civita is located between a typically Mediterranean plant setting on one side and, on the other, an exciting landscape characterized by the Raganello Canyon, the gateway to the Pollino National Park. Learn all about Civita here!

A little more about Civita

Civita is home to Albanian-speaking ancestors and is part of the I Borghi Più Belli d’Itália Association. This city was one of the first to adhere to the linguistic treaty (Law 482/99) for the protection and development of ethno-linguistic heritage. Thanks to its geographical location and morphological characteristics, Civita offers a unique and incomparable beauty, making it a destination for many tourists. In addition, it is appreciated for its unique gastronomy.

I’ll also show you a little more about Civita!

16) Unmissable places in Calabria: Gerace!

Gerace, a graceful town located near the capital of Calabria, is worthy of admiration for its wonderful monuments and landscapes. It is characterized by its buildings excavated in the rock, with valuable historic-artistic architecture, and is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Learn all about Gerace here!

A little more about Gerace

Those who visit the city are surprised by the flat terrain, every glance that rises brings a vision of charm and tradition. Protected by a cliff, it is really rich in history and culture. Its name derives from a Greek word meaning ‘hawk’, as legend has it that it was a hawk who pointed out the exact point for the construction of the village.

How about an aerial view of Gerace?

17) Unmissable places in Calabria: San Donato di Ninea!

Ideal for those looking for a quiet place, with a lot of hospitality and away from the big tourist centers, San Donato di Ninea has many stories. The village, with few inhabitants, is of unparalleled peace and tranquility, perfect for those looking for a more alternative tourism and closer to the reality of those who live in Calabria. Learn all about San Donato di Ninea here!

A little more about San Donato di Ninea

San Donato di Ninea won the title of one of the most beautiful villages I’ve ever visited, so I recommend the trip if you want to know the true Italian way of life or if you’re looking for a quieter destination, with little excitement, but with lots of peace.

Come and take a tour of San Donato di Ninea with me!

18) Unmissable places in Calabria: Altomonte!

Yet another small town that demonstrates the medieval character of Calabria, Altomonte features old stone portal houses from the 17th-19th centuries. The village has the Orange Flag, a quality mark designed by the Touring Club Italiano for the development of tourism in the countryside. Learn all about Altomonte here!

A little more about Altomonte

Also called the ‘Spoleto of Calabria’, taking a tour of Altomonte is like stepping back in time and being dazzled by the hidden wonders of Calabria. In this beautiful place, we have the pleasure of walking in its streets, admiring the panoramic glimpses and countless architectural details that make up this village.

There is no way not to be enchanted by Altomonte!

19) Unmissable places in Calabria: Oriolo!

Located in the province of Cosenza, Oriolo is also part of the circuit of the most beautiful villages in Italy, being an ancient city full of history and culture. It emerged as a fortress to defend citizens fleeing the coast to take refuge from the continuous incursions of the Saracens. Learn all about Oriolo here!

A little more about Oriolo

Supported by a cliff, about 500 meters high, it has a stunning medieval village practically unchanged, with beautiful facades of palaces on the main road, which leads to the Aragonese castle. It is a truly enchanting village that impresses with its incomparable beauty.

Get to know a little more about Oriolo here in this video!

20) Unmissable places in Calabria: Buonvicino!

The village of Buonvicino is very close to the Tyrrhenian Sea, near Diamante. The ancient village stands on a rocky outcrop within the Pollino National Park. Learn all about Buonvicino here!

A little more about Buonvicino

It is a veritable labyrinth of narrow streets and staircases marked by well-made portals. It has a jagged and earthy look, and a viewpoint – where the monumental statue of San Ciriaco is located – from which you can see the marine park of Riviera dei Cedri and the Gulf of Policastro.

A visit to the Buonvicino Museum of Arts is worth adding to your list, which encompasses the history of the city in five thematic sections: archeology (evidence of Byzantine and Longobard settlements that emerged in the Sasso dei Greci), folk art (documentation of local crafts), sacred art, contemporary art and environmental goods.

Get to know a little more about Buonvicino here!


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20 unmissable places to visit in Calabria! After checking out this list of 20 must-see places in Calabria, it’s time to hit the road (or rather, the plane) and explore every corner of this Italian paradise. To enjoy your trip even more, count on the help of Your Travel to Calabria!

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