Experience tourism in Calabria: discovering Maida

Come with me to live this unique experience in the small village of Maida. Ideal destination for those who want to discover a more peaceful and historic Italy.

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Experience tourism in Calabria: discovering Maida

Calabria offers visitors a series of tourist attractions, but what makes it unique is the opportunity to experience the true Italian culture and discover a very rich history, which goes far beyond the beautiful landscapes. Today we will get to know the Association “Tra Chjiazza, Rughi e Carriari” and its work that value the local culture. Are we going to our Experience Tourism in Calabria? A day with an Italian family in the village of Maida! Stay with us and make the best of the boot country! Here at Traveling to Calabria you make the trip of your dreams!!! Are you staying in Calabria? LOOKING FOR A HOTEL IN CALABRIA? Check our suggestions! Click here!

Our Introduction

Calabria is a region in Italy that offers visitors a wide variety of experiences. Whether exploring its stunning landscapes, relaxing in its beaches, tasting its delicious food, or learning about its rich history and culture.

Maida is a city that offers visitors the opportunity to experience the local cuisine, visit wineries and learn about the region’s history and culture.  The city also has some of the best spas in Calabria, which are perfect to relax after a day of sightseeing. Also Read: What Are The Ten Places You Must See in Calabria?

The Association “Tra Chjiazza, Rughi e Carriari”

In this context, the Association “Tra Chjiazza, Rughi e Carriari” seeks to value and revitalize the village through a set of initiatives and activities to promote local history, culture, and gastronomy. Let’s see the work of this very important association?

1) Experience tourism in Calabria: Association Tra Chjiazza, Rughi and Carriari

In the historic village of Maida, the Association “Tra Chjiazza, Rughi and Carriari” has the aim of keeping alive the memory of the first settlers who, in the 18th century, left their homeland and came to the village to build a new life.

The association, which has its headquarters in an old stone house, aims to preserve the cultural heritage of the Calabrian settlers and promote friendship and cooperation between families.

“Tra Chjiazza, Rughi e Carriari” operates in several areas, promoting cultural, artistic and sports activities, in addition to offering language and calabrian culture classes for children and young people, which contributes to the enrichment of cultural life of the region and for the preservation of memory and identity.

Encouraging the search for roots

The Association has the project “An identity journey in search of roots”, aimed at anyone, but with the target audience especially those of Italian descent.

The project aims to provide opportunities for the return to the places of origin of their ancestors and experience what daily life was like for each one of them, through historical experiences, the opportunity to meet local people and experience the city, strolling and talking with the locals. The intention is to create a different form of tourism, in addition to exploring the beauties.

With this project, the Association seeks to involve the entire community, encouraging local citizens to also participate, through the creation of an integrated network for tourist accommodation, able to manage the reception with professionalism, offering a quality service that values ​​the peculiarities of the territory.

If you are interested in knowing more about Calabrian culture and preserving the Maida’s historical and natural heritage, then the Association “TRA CHJAZZA, RUGHI E CARRIARI”; is your partner!  Also read: How to find your ancestors in Italy?

Our itinerary is all proposed by the Association, therefore it offers what is best in the region. Shall we go on our tour?

2) Experience tourism in Calabria: getting to know Calabrian gastronomy

Calabrian gastronomy is an attraction in itself! Calabrian food is characterized by the use of fresh ingredients, many of which are produced locally. Some of the typical dishes include the famous pasta alla nduja, with spicy meat, and the polpo alla luciana, a dish of octopus cooked with tomato and potatoes.

Find out here What Are The Best Culinary Schools In Calabria?

Our itinerary begins as a typical family day. Let’s prepare one traditional dish from Calabria, using only local products from the shops in the village and the family’s own vegetable garden. You can imagine the delight, can’t you?

  • The package includes: lunch with the family and the experience of cooking together;
  • Depending on the period you go, the proposals vary, to meet truly the traditions of the region – everything is done to ensure the best experience!

3) Experience tourism in Calabria: getting to know the village of Maida

After a wonderful meal and getting to know more about Calabrian cuisine, it’s time to go for a walk to get to know the city.

We start at Piazza Garibaldi, the city’s main square, where we can experience the local life of the region. In addition to being a central point for the community, is surrounded by beautiful historic buildings, such as the Pharao Palace.

The story goes that Garibaldi would have spent a night there, when he returned from one of his missions, and where he kept gifts received over the years. On site it is possible to see the jewels of Commander Gioacchino Murat. It is a place to be visited by those who values history and culture.

Afterward, we went on to the main tourist attractions in the city, such as the ruins of the Castello di Maida, Chiesa di San Nicola de Latinis, Chiesa di Santa Maria Cattolica and the Convent of San Francesco di Paola.

Despite the options to visit the beautiful village of Maida, remember that the type of tourism is more focused on getting to know the way of life in the region and delving into the wonderful culture of Calabria, getting to know the village more completely and sharing unforgettable moments with the locals.

4) Experience tourism in Calabria: overnight stay with a Calabrian family

To close our tour with a golden key, how about an overnight stay in a house in the village? That’s right! The tour also offers this opportunity to do whatever you want, so you can choose between just taking the day tour and not staying in Maida, or sleeping at least one night and being able to have dinner with them.

I can already tell you that the experience is so incredible that Marcos and Rosa would only stay three days, but they were so enchanted by the small village that they extended their stay for eleven days!

You can stay in one of the village houses “La Casa della Nonna”; a typical house from the village furnished in vintage style, decorated with the grandmother’s trousseau to bring that perfect touch of familiarity and warmth. It’s quite different from the experience of staying in a hotel, as you will be staying in an simple environment and quite homemade.

The next day, you still have a delicious breakfast prepared by the hosts!

Check out the joy of my customers in the photos below

Are you staying in Maida?

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Where to stay in Maida? Constantino Agritourism

In case you don’t want to stay in one of the houses of the village “La Casa della Nonna”, proposed by the Association, we recommend Agriturismo Constantino to rest and resume the tour the next day.

  • Rating: 8.5 (Very Good!)
  • Average daily rate: BRL 400.00*
  • Location: 2km from the city center
  • Address: C.da Donnantonio, 88025 Maida, Italy
  • Services: spacious rooms and apartments with air conditioning and Wi-Fi free. All include a flat-screen TV, minibar and private bathroom.
  • Breakfast included: Yes.
  • (*) the value is an average of the daily rate for two people; values ​​may vary according to the season, without prior notice.

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Where to eat in Maida? Constantino Agritourism

That’s right: at the accommodation, you will find a great restaurant!

How to get to Maida?

Getting to Maida is much simpler than it looks: it’s only 20 minutes away far from Lamezia Terme Airport, where you can rent a car, or even take a taxi.

What to see near Maida?

I’ll leave 3 tips for cities you can visit from Maida.


Winner of the most beautiful village in Italy 2021, it goes without saying, right? Located on a huge rock, the city is a great observatory from the sea, allowing a view found in very few places. Learn more about Tropea here!


It is the capital of the Calabria region. It has a biodiversity park and beautiful beaches nearby. It is a destination little valued by tourists, but it has a lot of natural and historical wealth. Learn more about Catanzaro here!


Known as the “Athens of Calabria”, it has a privileged position and is one of the most livable cities in the region. It has a Mediterranean climate and many artistic, historical, and cultural attractions. Learn more about Cosenza here!

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Experience tourism in Calabria: discovering Maida – With so many things to do and unique experiences to be had, it’s easy to see why Calabria is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy. If you are looking for a place to spend your vacation, rest and still experience the day to day of another culture, to visit Maida with the Association “TRA CHJAZZA, RUGHI E CARRIARI” is the right tour for you!

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